Being a global hit, sports betting is played by people in many nations. Sports lovers place their wagers through platforms that make it possible for bettors to choose from a variety of sporting events. Place wagers on major and minor tournaments. Among the selection are the more popular ones – Boxing, American Football, Soccer, Basketball, eSports, Tennis, Baseball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, MMA, Handball, Motorsports, and Table tennis. One of the many things that make sports betting appealing is the bonuses players could get. Bonuses vary depending on the betting site. The Bitcoin sports betting bonus has become a factor for some players in choosing which betting site to place their bets.

Betting Bonuses

Bitcoin sports betting bonus come in different forms. You get bonuses from deposits, some are given as rewards for placing a bet, some are special deals, either linked to particular or upcoming events. Some of the most common bonuses in sports betting include the following:

  • Welcome bonuses or sign-up bonuses is one to look out for. This bonus may require you to deposit a small amount. Welcome bonuses are usually based on a particular percentage of the amount you deposit initially.
  • No deposit bonus offers do not require a minimum deposit before you can get your free credits. The promotion usually gives players with a fixed amount of additional betting funds.
  • Deposit or reload bonuses are the rewards you get after you get the first deposit bonus. Many Bitcoin sportsbooks offer reload bonuses on the succeeding deposits, which grants a certain percentage of your deposit.
  • Loyalty bonuses are special rewards for longtime bettors. Usually, this involves the accumulated loyalty points you gain whenever you make a wager. Once you get enough points, you can trade it to additional betting funds or cash it out.

Bettors are attracted to these bonuses that often make them compare betting sites and choose one where they can gain the best bonuses. Although this might not seem like an important factor in online wagering, Bitcoin sports betting bonus still matters especially when choosing among the leading betting names. See our Bitcoin sports review section for a list of sites with grand bonuses.

Bitcoin Betting

Those who are unfamiliar with Bitcoin sports betting might find be think twice before trying it out, but once you do, you’ll find out that it just might be the best form of payment there is. It is very convenient to use especially when wagering on sports. Deposits and withdrawals of any amount are possible. Transact any time of the day. Enjoy cost-free payment processing. Sportsbooks can also give higher odds because they save so much from bank charges. Most often, sportsbooks that accept only Bitcoin as payment, offer more bonuses than sportsbooks which don’t accept Bitcoin.

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